Empty Spools landscape quilting seminar with Joyce Becker

DSCN6363Just got back from a wonderful week at Empty Spools Seminars in Monterey, CA.  I took a landscape class by Joyce Becker.  She was a great teacher and we had lots of fun in the class.  My first project was based on a photo (see photo in the upper left corner of the quilt) of the Eastham lighthouse on Cape Cod, MA.  Mary and I took a trip to Cape Cod last fall.  Joyce’s method of landscape quilts uses starched fabric which makes it easier to cut out pieces freehand for the quilt.  Before I went to the seminar, I spent a couple of hours starching my fabric so that I would be ready for the class.  We started with an inspirational photo which we divided into 4 even sections horizontally.  I applied the sky fabric and green lawn fabric as the base for the project onto to a piece of muslin that had lightweight interfacing fused on the back.  I worked on adding some of the bushes first.   Then Joyce came around to check on our progress on the quilts and told me to start adding my building and lighthouse.  It took a few tries to make the lighthouse big enough for the quilt.  Then I added the building.  After I added the trees and the rest of the bushes, I painted parts and windows of the building and lighthouse using fabric textile paint.  I also used fabric pastels to add some shading on the building.  I plan to add some tulle for shading on the lighthouse.  I still have more work to do – thread work and then the quilting.  But I was very excited about the results so far.  Check out Empty Spools Seminars if you want to go to a quilting retreat.  The seminars take place at Alisomar State Park right on the coast – boardwalks down to the beach.  Great teachers, good food, awesome setting.  Donna




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