Cuddle Little Bear

Here was a fun little project to make little bear out of cuddle fabric.  It was easy to make. First I added some stabilizer to the back of the cuddle fabric so it wouldn’t be stretchy.  I used Shape Flex to stabilize the fabric.  I traced the pattern on freezer paper and ironed the freezer paper to the back of the cuddle fabric.  Then I laid the 2 pieces right side together and stitches along the edge of the freezer paper bear pattern.  I sliced a hole in the back of the bear to turn it inside out. I did clip the curves before turning.  Then I added the face.  Not easy to do once the bear is turned right side out but the pattern directions called for this technique.  I used buttons rather than embroidery floss because I think it looked more fun.  It was a challenge to add the nose and mouth.  Next time I will add the face before I sew around the outside edge of the bear pattern.  But I still think it turned out pretty cute.  DonnaDSCN6200


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