Curved piecing pillow

Okay – another project not finished yet.  This will become a pillow for our living room.  I was practicing curved piecing and decided to make a pillow with the design.  I love doing curved piecing.  Just lay 2 fabrics on your cutting board with right sides up.  Then use your rotary cutter to make gentle curves. Gentle curves is the key to being able to sew these curves without pins. The 2 pieces will fit together like a puzzle. To sew the pieces, put right sides together and stitch slowly with the edges meeting together.  Stop and start sewing to make sure the edges of the fabrics are meeting. No pins required!!!  Yeh!  So much fun to sew a curve without pins. Press seam when done. I didn’t have to clip the curves but you can clip the curves if you need to.  To finish this pillow I will quilt the pillow top and then make the back for the pillow.  I will probably also add cording around the edges of the pillow.  I will post the completed pillow when it is completed.  DonnaDSCN6103


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