Disappearing 9 patch quilt with a twist

DSCN6098        I made this Disappearing 9 patch by making 9 patches using 5″ squares.  I used 3 colors – red and white on one 9 patch and then black and white on the other 9 patch.  Then the 9 patch squares are cut apart and sewn back together.  So that gave me 6 large blocks.  Then Mary had an idea to do something different with the pattern.  She suggested that I make mini-blocks on each row. So I did some math and made 9 patches using 3″ squares and the same colors as the larger blocks.  I think that the quilt looks very interesting with the smaller blocks and larger blocks of the same design.  The quilt has not been quilted yet.  The size is about 45″ square.  I think this quilt would also look great with a charm square pack of prints and then a solid fabric to match the prints. It was fun experimenting with the design.  Donna


2 thoughts on “Disappearing 9 patch quilt with a twist

  1. Love the disappearing nine patch, and really like the addition you made per Mary’s suggestion. Before you know it you guys will be publishing your own patterns. this is a perfect example of what you can do !!

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