“Stupendous Stitching” sewing accessories bag

DSCN6030DSCN6026I have been taking some online quilting classes on Craftsy.com.  I am currently working on the class called “Stupendous Stitching” with instructor Carol Ann Waugh.  I used the stitching instructions from the class to couch yarns and cords and then added decorative stitching between the couching lines. What fun!!  I used fun stitches and thread including sparkly thread to create the design for the material to use as the cover of the bag.  I used this fabric for the outside cover of a sewing accessories bag that I made for Mary.  The pattern is called “Classmate” from Atkinson Designs.  There are vinyl zippered pockets inside to store sewing supplies to take to classes.  Mary is going to love taking this bag to her next quilting class.     Have fun playing with your decorative stitches and couching.  Donna



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