Bringing me into the 21st century


I think my youngest son is trying to bring me into the 21st century with technology.  He bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  Of course I had to make a quilted case for my new Kindle.  I found several ideas on the internet for a case.  I liked having a zippered pocket on the outside to hold cables and earphones.  So I put a zippered pocket on my case and put in a zipper for the top opening. Then I tried putting the Kindle in the bag and decided that the zipper might not be a good idea.  So I ripped out the zipper and added a velcro flap that works great.  Now to download some more books – looking for the free ones first and then I have to figure out how to get books on line from the library.  Well I think that will take some time to figure out. But it keeps me busy and out of trouble.   Donna      DSCN6014



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