Having fun with selvages

I made this selvage potholder for a friend who likes green.  When you cut your selvages for a project, be sure to cut about an inch above the selvage so you can see the colors.   I used a muslin piece for a foundation to add the selvage strips.  You could also use a phone book page for your foundation to create your selvage fabric for your project.  Lay your first selvage piece along the middle of the project.  Slide the cut edge of the second piece under the selvage edge of the first piece about 1/4″.  Sew close to the selvage edge of the first piece to secure the second piece.  Continue this process until you have your selvage foundation piece.  Then cut your piece for the desired size – my potholder was a 9″ square.  I used a layer of batting, a layer of Insul-Bright, and a backing fabric.  I layered the pieces together and quilted the potholder using diagonal wavy lines.  Added a binding and tab and it was done.  It is great fun using the selvages.   There are lots of websites with ideas for using selvages.  Have fun and give it a try.     Donna


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