Scottie Quilted Fall Wallhanging

I hope you’ll be able to follow how this (no pattern) Fall wallhanging evolved.

I wanted to make a fall wallhanging so I thought I make a quilt lasagna quilt will bright fall colors.    Here’s how it turned out.

Step 1 – Fall lasagna quilt.

Oh my… it is a bit “in-your-face” and in bright light I may even blind you.

Sooooooooo….. after looking at it for a few days, I decided that I really hated it.   Now… how can I make something that I like that is not so in your face.   Deconstruction seemed like the best option.

Step 2 – Deconstruction

I cut up some of the rows and make 3 quilt squares.

Here is one of the resulting squares.

Step 3 – Quilt square made from deconstructed lasagna quilt.

I thought I’d place 3 of these squares off center and then the rest of the quilt would be white (to give it that modern negative space look).   Step 4:  After staring at that for a number of days I decided that perhaps I’d applique some fall leaves on it to give it some more interest.      Looking better but still not there yet.

Step 5:  Finally I added a scottie puppy in a pile of appliqued leave trying to catch the falling ones.   Ok… I admit it, I am scottie obsessed.   Here is the final look of my “Scottie Fall Wallhanging Quilt”.

Final result.

Close-up of quilting.

I really hope you can see my quilting.   I’m rather proud of my free motion quilting on this piece.

Happy Stitching,

Mary (no fear quilter)


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