Watermelon table topper

Here is my August table topper.  Yes, I know it is October but I am a little behind.  I am working on November’s table topper so I can quilt the two together.  Then I will be done with my  yearlong table topper project. Yeh!!  I have had fun with this project – using fabric from my stash and trying new techniques.  For August, I started with a watermelon panel and coordinating fabric (green, yellow and white).  For the center pinwheels, I used  strip piecing with phone book paper for my foundation for piecing. I think it gives the pinwheels a modern look since the watermelons are cut into small strips.  Then for one of the borders, I used the modern piecing technique of slicing the fabric and then inserting by alternating the colors (white with the watermelon fabric).  It was a fun project and it reminds me of a picnic tablecloth.



One thought on “Watermelon table topper

  1. Love the table topper, and you used one of the techniques we demo’d during our craft weekend — yeah. Such an inspiration.

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