Girlfriends’ Craft weekend

We had a blast last weekend.  Two of our quilting buddies (who also traveled to Ireland with us in June) came down for the weekend.  We met them at the quilt shop that I work at (Sew Happins) so they could check it out and buy some fabric. We spent the afternoon and evening doing craft and sewing projects (knitting, sewing, cutting shapes with Accu-go quilt cutter).  We shared quilting magazines and books for inspiration.  On Sunday morning we looked at photos from our Ireland trip to pick one photo for a fractured quilt project that we decided to do.  Mary cut the photo in fourths so now we have our piece to start the quilt project.  I think it will be a fun.  We haven’t tried a fractured quilt project yet.  We are using one of Mary’s photos of a thatched house from the town of Adare, Ireland. One of our quilting friends, Barb,  showed me how to make a reversible black and white tote bag.  Barb also showed me how to make yo-yos so I added 3 to the tote bag. It was a great weekend. Can’t wait for our next crafts weekend with the girls.



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