Sewing Machine cover

I decided it was time to spruce up my sewing space.   1st up, my sewing machine dust cover.  While I do have the sewing machine cover that came with my machine, and it is functional, it is not fun.

Before: Generic white sewing machine cover.

I machine appliqued some B&W prints on my green background and then quilted it.

I used 2 black shoe strings (cut in halves) for the side ties.

After: Quilted Modern sewing machine cover

As you might have guessed, I also have a Scottish Terrier so I included a little bit of scottie fabric in the new cover.   My scottie puppy “Ranger” also has a blog and if you want to read about his adventures you can check him out here ==>

From boring to fun.   I just love it.  Gotta love a successful spruce.   I just hope it still keeps the dust off my machine (since the sides are loosely open).

On the other hand, what’s a little dust when it looks sooooo good.

Happy Stitching.      Mary


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