Labels and more labels

I am definitely behind in attaching my labels to my quilts.  I have labeled all the quilts that I have given to family and friends but the quilts around the house are missing some labels.  I have been using EQ Printables – Inkjet fabric sheets – to make my labels.  These fabric sheets are easy to use with your inkjet printer.  Just follow the directions on the package about processing the labels – time for drying and then soaking in warm water. I use clip art to add a picture or design to the labels and then add the information about the quilt including the date the quilt was finished and where the quilt was made.  I can make 8 labels with each fabric sheet.  I have also used these fabric sheets to print photographs to be used in small quilts.  I had to test the color on the photographs using white copy paper first and had to saturate the colors so that the photos would be more vivid when using the fabric sheets.  Yesterday I printed 8 labels and attached them to the back of quilts.  I still have more labels to attach but at least I got 8 more labels done. Yeh!!



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