Touch patrol

Donna and I both volunteered at the Quilt Show.   I was on the “Touch Patrol”.   It was my job to make sure no-one touched the quilts unless they had on gloves.

Mary “White Gloving” next to Donna’s winning quilts.

 As an official member of the “touch patrol” (to insiders know as TP Duty), my uniform consisted of white gloves and a white apron.  If someone wanted to see the back of a quilt, I would lift it up and show it to them.   Serious quilters like to see the back of quilts so they can see the quilting details on what is usually a more plain back.     In my apron pockets I had the program (in green), and 2 extra pairs of plastic gloves.   I was told that if someone was touching a quilt, instead of yelling at them, a good white glover simply offers them a plastic glove.      I was all ready to be the touch enforcer but nobody even tried to touch a quilt without glove on in my presence.   Maybe I struck too imposing of a figure in my apron and gloves.

I did have a great time chatting with lots of people and always made a point to show off Donna’s winning quilts and of course my non-winning “Whale’s Tail” guilt (above my head in the photo).     It was lots of fun but next year I want a ribbon!

 ~ Mary


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