A Gift of Quilts for the London Olympic Games in 2012

At the International Quilt Festival in Ireland, Mary and I met some British quilters in the vendor mall.  They talked about the quilt project for the upcoming Olympics.  We enjoyed looking at the quilts in their book about the quilts.  Through the ” Gift of Quilts” project, British quilters of all ages made 500 quilts.  The object of the project was to give a quilt to each country participating in the London Olympics and Paralympics in 2012 (The Games) as a unique sign of friendship and peace.

For more information about “A Gift of Quilts” – check out this website: http://www.agiftofquilts.co.uk/

“A Gift of Quilts is part of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles “Quilting in the Olympic Spirit”. ” Many of us might not be sports people and, although excited that the Olympics are coming to United Kingdom in 2012, we may feel that this is just for sporty people. Well, sports are not the only things that will be going on. There will also be the “Cultural Olympics” – events involving arts, and crafts.”  (from the A Gift of Quilts website)


Quilts for London Olympic Games 2012


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