Ricky Tims – Convergences Quilts

While at the International Quilt festival in Ireland I took a class from Ricky Tims on Convergence quilts and on Rhapsody Quilts.   Woohoo!  I loved the Convergence quilt technique and yesterday I started on one inspired by Ireland.

Ricky Tims in Ireland

I chose 4 fabrics.   Greens like the landscape of Ireland, and blue like the water.   Okay, maybe I also sneaked in a dragonfly or two.   They probably have dragonfly’s in Ireland too… don’t ya think?    Well… I  got started on slicing and converging.  Fun!


O’Darny!  Maybe I can just applique something over them. NOT!

Okay… so I’m not a precision quilter.   I thought I was doing great on my first pass of conversion, but when I sliced and tried to assemble my conversion in the horizontal direction… a few seams did not line up as desired.  O’Darny (a new word we made up while in Ireland).   Lesson learned.   One needs to be precise in sewing  your seams.   1/4″ really needs to be 1/4″ All the time.

Fortunately… Donna can fix anything and so it is still being adjusted to better match the converged strips with some of Donna’s magic.   Also…. pin, pin, and more pinning helps one ease in the seams better.

As Donna pointed out, I guess the “No Fear” quilter needs to have a little fear of seams not matching.

~ Mary


3 thoughts on “Ricky Tims – Convergences Quilts

  1. No you just need to make it a Wonky Convergence quilt and the seams don’t need to match could be an entirely new quilt pattern.

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