My first quilt made in 1971


I wanted to make a quilt to take to college for my dorm room.  My mom gave me scraps of fabric from the garments she had made.  Some of the fabric was cotton and some were corduroy – a real mix of fabrics and colors.  Since my mom was not a quilter, I was on my own.  I cut out squares and rectangles. Then I pieced the shapes together by laying the shapes on top of each other and using a zigzag stitch on top of the shapes.  I used this stitch around each shape.  Then I found a backing (a twin size sheet) and used a blanket for batting (what did I know about batting???).  I used blue yarn and hand-stitched the layers together with a big stitch.  Well needless to say, this was not the best technique to hold fabric squares together.  After using the quilt on my bed for a year, I had to redo the quilt top the following summer since the zigzag stitches did not hold the shapes together.  Donna


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