What am I working on now?

This afternoon I was working on my 1st quilted bag.   Donna has made many bags and is know to some of her friends as the bag lady.    The bag I’m working on is a large Art Tote.   It has lots of steps and I now have a new appreciation for all the bag’s Donna has made over the years.  I told Donna that maybe I should have started on a smaller scale bag for my 1st bag, but she reminded me that I am the NO FEAR quilter and always willing to take on any project.  It is coming along nicely and hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.   I’ll post a photo of it when I’m done.

I am also working on getting my quilt gallery set up so I can link it to our blog.    Stay tuned… photos of my quilt projects are coming to a blog near you!

Happy Stitching.   Mary


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